5. March. 2020. | 03:30

Municipal Transparency Index 2019

Transparency and accountability of public institutions is one of the key prerequisites for the functioning of a democratic state and society.  Transparency of public institutions has a direct effect on the way how governance works and consequently improves the lives of citizens. In addition, institutional transparency mediates in the relations between citizens and institutions, enabling marginalized groups to participate in decision-making. At the same time, it ensures the establishment of more sustainable and inclusive policies.

Local institutions serve as the first mechanism where the citizens address their concerns and present their demands for solving their daily problems that make up the life of a community in the municipalities. Consequently, local institutions must prioritize transparency and accountability when drafting their agenda, which will enable them to improve their governance performance and inclusion citizens and marginalized groups in the decision-making process.

On the other hand, transparency enables citizens to access governance-related information. Consequently, it provides mechanisms for combating negative phenomena that may be detrimental for their daily lives. Access to public information thus, is a tool that serves the fight against corruption and reduces the level of abuse through public means.

In recent years, Municipalities in Kosovo have enhanced the level of transparency and accountability, thus enabling citizens to access public information and be part of policymaking at the Municipal level.

The legal framework of Kosovo guarantees transparent institutions vis-à-vis its citizens. The Constitution, the Law on Local Self-Government, the Law on Access to Public Documents, and other administrative instructions legitimize this guarantee and provide citizens with the necessary legal means to demand transparency and accountability from local government institutions in Kosovo.

Based on the importance of transparency and the existing legal basis, KDI has conducted a measurement of transparency in all 38 Municipalities (4 of which have been covered by NGO Aktiv). This measurement has been conducted at a specific time period and aims to reflect the results of the municipalities as a first step toward further raising the level of transparency.

Municipal Transparency Index 2019