12. November. 2019. | 11:02

MSC: From an extremist to a humanist

On Thursday, November 7th 2019, a lecture and exhibition by Israeli humanist and photographer Gilad Sade was held at the Mitrovica Social Club, where its author pointed out that camera and microphone are his weapons that could do good or evil. Through documentary photographs, Mr. Sade tells about his growing up in the conflict zone, of who he was and who he is today, and how he became a humanist from an extremist.

He was a member of an extremist community called ‘’Kah’’, which he had left, while deciding to become a photographer, after having had a discussion with a film director who shot a documentary about him.

‘’I called him and I told him that I left the community, that I feel lonesome and that I want to talk with him. Today we are best friends’’, said Sade.

While sharing his thoughts about border crossings, feelings of anxiety and fear, he told the audience how he learned that every situation, however it seems aggressive or dangerous, caould be transformed into a positive one. The only thing that needs to be done is the change of communication, which starts with a smile.

‘’I learned that being a journalist or photographer does not only mean going to a certain place, making a couple of shots and saying I was there. One should stay, live for at least half a year, find out the true state of affairs”, explained Gild while talking about his nomadic lifestyle.

In his "tourist costume", as he called it, he was able to enter the restricted areas, make forbidden contacts and gain prohibited friendships.

With this oral and visual presentation, Mr. Sade drew a parallel between the conflicting relationships in the city he grew up in - Hebron and Mitrovica, the divided cities.

The following link contains shot of the entire lecture and exhibition: