13. April. 2018. | 10:26

MSC: Cultural currents, where do they take us?

"Cultural currents, where do they take us?" was the name of the recent debate held on 11 April in the Mitrovica Social Club. Andrijana Živanović, Director of Home of Culture "Stari Kolašin" and Predrag Radonjić, Director of the National Theater of Pristina, based in Gračanica, talked about the state of culture in Serbian communities in Kosovo.

Panelists agreed that the problem of culture does not lie in the lack of cultural events, and rather their number is increasing in Kosovo. "We have enthusiasm and will, we are missing consumers", commented Živanović. On the other hand, Predrag Radonjić pointed out that "we create the audience ourselves", and that the greatest responsibility lies on people at the head of the institutions, because they, in the first place, should be competent and qualified for this kind of work. In this regard, when asked whether politics and culture go “hand in hand”, guests agreed that this interaction should be as independent as possible, in order to allow institutions and individuals to function without hinderance. And exactly due to different political priorities “culture is currently marginalized” commented Radonjić, which is paradoxically good, because it allows precisely this independent relationship. They also emphasized that "indulging to the lowest taste of the audience" is a global problem culture is facing today and which should be fought with high cultural standards and non-commercial repertoires.

Stressing that the future of culture depends on our existence, i.e. the number of Serbs who will remain to live in Kosovo, interlocutors concluded the debate with a comment that the focus should be placed on present time and that capacities available should be used at a given moment in order to provide the audience with a cultural program of better quality .