21. November. 2014. | 10:52

Mitrovica Social Club launched

The debate entitled “Social activism – a path to success” held on the 13th of November marked the launching of AKTIV’s new project, Mitrovica Social Club, envisages as a series of debates which will be held twice a month from November till March in AKTIV Art Center. Through this concept AKTIV will offer a platform for inclusive discussion in order to contribute to a culture of open debates in North Mitrovica.

One of the conclusions of this first debate was that every social change starts with an individual. The first panelist, Filip Brković, a PhD scholar in the Doctorate programme in international political economy at the University of Warwick, explained to the audience that it depends primarily on them how prevalent activism will be in their community, how many people will be active and what the results of their activism will be. “The specific trainings and skills that you may acquire will not hinder you, but you have to cherish and build up the spirit of change, which to me seems to be the reason why you are here. Do not forget it” he said, “because you will all advance” he said, “but if you lose that spirit, you will be doing what in essence is just pushing paperwork, applying for projects and writing reports, which is something I wouldn’t wish for anyone” , Brković said.

The second panelist, Aca Mitić, a Project Coordinator at AKTIV, pointed out that young people need to invest their energy into creating the kind of system they would like to have, which will be different from the one they live in now. “Every change starts with an individual and it is primarily the individual who will initiate a major social change” said Mitić.

AKTIV’s Program Director, Branislav Nešović, said that this was just the first in the series of debates and explained that the idea behind Mitrovica Social Club it is to open Mitrovica to different ideas and perspectives and promote certain topics other than solely political ones, which are of interest to the Serbian community in Kosovo, particularly: economy, unemployment, environment, youth violence, religion, culture, but also current issues from the international scene. He said that these discussions will bring together people from all parts of society and from different political, ideological and academic backgrounds; the specialists in the chosen topics as well as the young people from the community whom AKTIV would like to promote. The topics selected for this project are reflecting the needs of community identified through AKTIV’s work in northern Kosovo during last several years as well as topics of general public interest.