3. June. 2020. | 10:31

Lost in translation / Izgubljeni u prevodu / Të humbur në përkthim

On the 2nd of June the National Center for Border Management published a post on its Facebook page that we assume explains the procedures for entering Kosovo in accordance with the Government’s decision issued on the 31st of May. We are unaware of the exact content of this post because the text was published exclusively in the Albanian language. That same post was also published by the Kosovo Police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Administration on their official Facebook pages. None of these institutions found it necessary to respect the Law on the Use of Languages that requires that all announcements must be published simultaneously in both Albanian and Serbian as official languages in Kosovo that enjoy equal status.


Information on entry procedures into Kosovo are of great importance to members of the Serb community, who have been eagerly awaiting the re-opening of the official entry points. Due to the circulation of conflicting information and the absence of an official translation in Serbian language, a large number of citizens find themselves in the dark and confused when it comes to the rules of entry. As increased border traffic is expect in the near future, NGO Aktiv demands that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Administration and the Kosovo Police provide official translations of these announcements in order to remove any absences of clarity connected to entry into Kosovo.