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Kosovo Serbs in the dialogue process

The aim of this study is to present more completely one of the aspects of the topics on which the research within OPEN project was conducted, the purpose of which is measuring the openness of the Kosovo Serb community. Different dimensions of the dialogue will be in the focus of the study, i. e. the normalization process pursued between Belgrade and Pristina with a special emphasis on the impact and practical consequences it has had on this non-majority community.

More precisely, the study is an attempt to identify the advantages and flaws of the process itself from a perspective of the Serb community and in the light of contemporary political, economic, cultural and inter-ethnic relations in Kosovo, as well as of the dialogue between the official Belgrade and Pristina. To that end, a comprehensive research approach and methods were used to give an insight in the perceptions of the members of Kosovo Serb community on inclusiveness, effectiveness, transparency and the future of the dialogue process. The comprehensiveness of the approach is based on the fact that it is necessary to have an in-depth and relevant research which is to be a point of departure in identification and mapping the key views and needs of this community. Research results indicate key factors and dimensions of the dialogue process to which decision-makers should pay special attention, particularly those that create strategies and policies relating to the relations between Pristina and Belgrade. In addition to providing a basis to make an impact on decision-makers, the aim of the study is also to familiarize the broader public with the needs of Kosovo Serb community and its own perception of its role in the dialogue process, i. e. in the normalization of relations.

Published by: KFOS

Prepared by: NGO AKTIV, FDMC

Authors: Igor Marković, Boban Simić

Kosovo Serbs in the dialogue process

This paper is published within OPEN, a project carried out by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) in cooperation with the organizations NGO AKTIV and FDMC. Views expressed in this publication are exclusively those of the research authors and are not necessarily the views of KFOS.




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