23. July. 2019. | 02:52

Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation – official launch

On 11th of July, 2019 at the Europe House in Pristina the Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation – KCR officially launched, which consists of four organizations: "Humanitarian Law Centre Kosovo"/Prishtina, "Artpolis"/Prishtina, "Aktiv"/North Mitrovica and “Documenta”/Zagreb. This coalition was created within the project “Transforming conflicting perceptions through increased civic and community engagement in Kosovo” supported by the European Union.

Kosovo's citizens, even 20 years after the war, still have a lot of concerns and worries, questions that never get answered, insecurity, lack of proper welfare for all communities living in Kosovo.

The coalition aims to engage the community while dealing with the past, present and the future towards reconciliation and promotion of cultural diversity in Kosovo.

“Reconciliation between different communities living in Kosovo should happen by building a common future within Kosovo” said among other things by one of the founders of this coalition. During the opening of the conference, Stergios Tragoudas of the EU office in Kosovo, said that the process of reconciliation is very challenging, but we have to learn from good practices of EU countries and the way they have dealt with such problems. Furthermore, he noted the importance of reconciliation for the European Union by stating that other EU countries have overcome this issue by cooperating with the citizens and government institutions.

At the launching conference of the Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation, in addition to the EU official, Stergios Tragoudas, in front of the media and other participants at the conference also spoke: Bekim Blakaj - executive director of the Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo, Zana Hoxha - founder and director of NGO Artpolis and Miodrag Milićević - Executive Director of NGO – Aktiv, moderated by Kaltrin Shala – Project Manager.

This launching conference was followed with a panel discussion “Reconciliation in Kosovo: Past, Present and Future – Discussion about the process of reconciliation in Kosovo, challenges and opportunities from the perspective of Media and Arts. Panelists were representatives of media, arts and academia: Adriatik Kelmendi – journalist, Besa Luci – journalist, Edis Galushi – journalist, Darko Dimitrijević – journalist, Alban Muja – artist.

They all gave their point of view and examples of journalistic and artistic work, pointing out the differences and similarities of problem handling from different media in Kosovo and Serbia.