9. July. 2019. | 02:12

Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation official launch

The Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation has the honour of inviting you to the European house in Pristina on the 11h of July 2019 at 10:00 am to mark the launch of the Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation.

 Opening remarks – Stergios Tragoudas, European Union Office

Entering into a partnership HLC Kosovo, AKTIV and Artpolis; seek to address and contribute to the improvement of ethnic relations in Kosovo while increasing understanding and participation of grass-roots community initiatives, aimed at fostering the reconciliation process in Kosovo.

Representatives of the KCR:

Bekim Blakaj, Executive Director of HLC Kosovo

Zana Hoxha Krasniqi, Founder and Director of ArtPolis

Miodrag Milićević, Executive Director, NGO AKTIV

Panel discussion - Reconciliation in Kosovo: Past, Present and Future

Discussion around the process of reconciliation in Kosovo as well as the challenges and opportunities from the perspective of Media and Art.