4. September. 2017. | 08:33 | NGO AKTIV

Important instructions for the voters for the pending local elections

In order to entice cooperation between Central Election Commission (CEC) and the civil society organizations in areas of public information and voter education for the local elections 2017, CEC organized a round table on the 22nd August in CEC.

The objective of the meeting was the initiation of cooperation with CSOs which focus their work on elections, voter information for the upcoming local elections, and election processes in general (with a special focus on reducing the number of invalid ballots). During this meeting, CEC presented its information plan for the 2017 local elections. The purpose of the meeting was also to discover the positions and the plans of the CSOs to assess in which areas a cooperation can be initiated.

Present at the discussion were: Valdete Daka the President of CEC, Enis Halimi, the Chief Executive of SCEC, Azemine Beqiri, Senior Public Information Officer, and Brikena Avdyli, IFES.

The CSOs presented their activities for the pending local elections and stressed the need for cooperation on inclusion of marginalized groups, the distribution of voter information materials and taking preventive actions to reduce the number of invalid ballots.

On the official web page of CEC, the voter instructions are made public and these instructions relate to: the deadlines and procedure for changing the polling center, deadlines for incorporating changes in the voters lists and deadlines and procedure for registering for voting vi mobile teams for people with special needs.

Information related to the deadline and procedure for changing the polling center are available on the following link.

Information related to incorporating changes in the voters' lists are available on the following link.

Information on the procedures for voting via mobile teams for the persons with special needs are available on the following link.