7. June. 2019. | 10:01

Identification and deconstruction of ethnic stereotypes in Kosovo

Public call for students to take part at the workshop;





NGO AKTIV invites all students of the university of Pristina and Mitrovica to apply for participation in activities related to identification and deconstruction of ethnic stereotypes in Kosovo.

In the framework of the project, students are offered the opportunity to attend a training on the problems of ethnic stereotypes, as well as to later actively engage in research on this topic and that with creative ideas work on deconstruction of ethnic stereotypes

The project is directed towards those students who want to connect to the work of regional NGOs during the study. Through this project, the students will have the opportunity to practically use the knowledge acquired during the studies, to cooperate with youth from other communities and to gain a necessary experience for further work. Besides, students will have the opportunity to travel with in Kosovo and the region, as well as to engage in other activities of NGO AKTIV which involve youth, study trips, summer schools, researches, cultural and other kind of events.

This activity is part of a broader project “Transforming conflicting perceptions through increased civic and community engagement in Kosovo” implemented by Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation (KCR) whose NGO AKTIV is a member, project is financed by European Union's office in Kosovo.

The activities of the Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation are focused forward all communities in Kosovo with the aim of reconciliation and common life of all.

An interested student should send basic information about himself and a short motivation letter that shows interested in getting involved in this project at applications@ngoaktiv.org deadline for application is until June 10th. 2019.

All activities are free.

You can get additional information via email aleksandar.rapajic@ngoaktiv.org or via phone numbers +381638050423 and + 38349232607.