17. May. 2018. | 01:44

Every third young person from Serbian enclaves plans to leave Kosovo in the next three years

The results of recent statistical research conducted by NGO AKTIV in Serbian communities south of the river Ibar show the alarming position that young people find themselves in.  The research revealed that only 32% of people between the ages of 18 and 30 questioned as part of the survey expressed a desire to stay and build a life in their current place of residence in Kosovo. A proportionally similar number of respondents claimed that they had either made a firm decision to leave (35%) or that they were seriously considering it (33%.) Young people in Kosovo view unemployment as the main cause of outward migration (48.5%) as well as higher living standards in other areas (19.5%.) Among respondents who expressed a desire to leave their current place of residence, 56% claimed that they plan to do so in the next three (3) years.   Responses also show that local governments do not have sufficient understanding for young people (66%) and they in general they are not responsive to the needs of young people (74.6%.)  This research was conducted as part of the Point One Program within the Framework of the Civic Energy Center project that is supported by the Kosovo Fund for Open Society.