4. October. 2019. | 11:14

Empirika Platform Presents it's Policy Brief on Key Interests of the Serbian Community in Kosovo

On the 4th of October 2019, the Empirika Platform held a public presentation of its policy brief, Key Interests of the Serbian Community in Kosovo. The overriding goal of this policy brief was to, in a precise and concrete manner, outline a number of key interests for Kosovo Serbs that will be directed towards central-level decision makers.  This was done in order to raise awareness of these interests and to place a high level of positive pressure on political and social actors to more effectively advocate for them at the level of central governance.  This is of particular importance in the run up to parliamentary elections, to be held on the 6th of October 2019.


Over the course of the presentation, panelists discussed the issues highlighted in the policy brief and elaborated on the recommendations that were put forward in that same paper. This is being done in the hope that it will be the first in a long series of similar (and more detailed) initiatives and policy work, and that it will succeed in catching the attention of institutional and political actors in order to generate greater momentum for finding systematic and sustainable solutions for problems facing the Serb community and contribute to the fostering of a more open and democratic society.