22. September. 2013. | 11:18

“Don’t turn your head away” issues findings

A report based on the survey of 130 women across four (4) municipalities in North Kosovo that began on June 15 is forthcoming. The report will offer a detailed analysis of the results, which so far have revealed that over a third of women report being victims of domestic violence, and up to 45% report either victimhood or having born witness to it. Caleb Waugh is working hard to prepare the report, and it will be unveiled at a conference on (the tentative date of) 10 October.

Also to be released at this point will be a brochure entitled “Domestic Violence – How to Read the Signs,” and a more general report on the situation regarding domestic violence in North Kosovo. The day-long conference will take place at the EU Info Center (located at the North City complex, Čika Jovina, 38220, North Mitrovica). Interest in attending should be registered with Caleb (cwaugh84@gmail.com).
The survey and subsequent reports are invaluable parts of the “Don’t Turn Your Head Away: Violence Against Women” project, which seeks to promote gender equality in North Kosovo by disseminating easily accessible public information about forms of protection against violence, raising awareness about the issues and enabling networking among members of the local community.

Prior to the conference, there will be 9 workshops held in the 4 municipalities in the North in the coming weeks. These will be held in cooperation with Aktiv’s local partners: Žensko Pravo (Kosovska Mitrovica), Kolo Srpskih Sestara (Zubin Potok) and Maraš (Leposavić). Workshops help to raise awareness about the issue but they adopt a practical approach, and as such, are more educational in nature, enabling participants to better detect and react to domestic violence occurrences.

The end of the workshops will mark the end of the first phase of the project. The second phase will be a promotional campaign for the protection of women’s rights and awareness of domestic violence. It will include the production of a documentary film, the distribution of awareness-raising materials, and public events.