28. July. 2017. | 08:49 | Marija Stankovic

"Development of the private sector is a chance for both economic development and political peace"

"Through economic development, by developing the private sector we can achieve the political peace as well", stated today the president of Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Safet Gërxhaliu,on the conference "Enchasing regional cooperation in business sector" which took place in Civic Energy Center in  Mitrovica North.


On that occasion, the study which has been published by NGO Aktiv "Opportunities and obstacles for northen Kosovo businesses” was presented.

One of the recommendations of the analysis is that it is necessary to improve direct communication between the businesses and the central level institutions.

"The biggest problem is that there are no representatives of these institutions in the north of Kosovo, they don't have enough capacity, so we have no representative offices", says Marija Stankovic, Project Manager in Aktiv.

 Gërxhaliu has pointed out that Kosovo Chamber of Commerce is trying to work in two directions, internally and externally, in order to reach progress in economic development.

"Internally, in order to lobby as much as possible so the laws are not only the decoration for the office in the government but so that they are in the function of the economic development of the private sector",  said Gërxhaliu.

He pointed out that the pillar of economic development should be the private, not the public sector.

"In a place where the public sector is opening new work positions, the past is coming back and that is not the guarantee. In such context, we all have to work more for the economic development and to support private, not the public sector. It is certain that no one could do it better than the private sector.  There are only two things with which this can be achieved and they are the rule of the law and professional expertise." says.

In the analysis of the condition of entrepreneurship in the north Kosovo, Aktiv has come to the findings that the lack of knowledge of the information, either of entrepreneurs or the institutions, is the important obstacle in the communication between the businesses and the institutions. It is pointed out that in the meetings, which were organized within the project; there was the opportunity for the representatives of businesses from the north Kosovo to state their problems to the representatives of the central level institutions.

"We have therefore come to the conclusion that many of the oversights are happening because of lack of information. Most of the sites are exclusively in Albanian. Even when they can find an adequate site, people cannot inform themselves, because everything is in Albanian, even the necessary documentation", says Stankovic.

She also pointed out the lack of strategies as an obstacle to solve piled up problems in the development of entrepreneurship.

“Strategy for the development of Western Balkans exists, but the states have not incorporated those strategies in their legislation, and in particular, they have not looked back on the specificities which exist within the states themselves", says Stankovic.

It is recommended in the study, among the other things, the provision of the locally available institutional support and technical advisory services for the businesses in the northern part of Kosovo; better access for the local businesses to the finances necessary for maintenance and expansion of their activities; improvement of the legal protection of property and business by strengthening the system of the rule of the law in northern part of Kosovo; the support for the development of efficient strategies for increasing the competitiveness of businesses from the north in the broader market of Kosovo, as well as encouragement of positive inter-ethnic cooperation between the businesses.

A brochure "How to register a business in Kosovo" has also been published within the project, which contained information on how to register a business and business management. A number of meetings were organized with the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, with the representatives of the central level institutions, since the entrepreneurs from the north of Kosovo have pointed to the problems they face in their business. In accordance with that, six relevant institutions have been identified with which the meetings were held: Tax Administration of Kosovo, Food and Veterinary Agency, Ministry of agriculture, forestry and rural development, American Chamber of Commerce, Kosovo Standardization Agency, Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency.

The conference has been held within the project “Enhancing cooparation between northern Kosovo Businesses and the Kosovo Chamber Of Commerce”" which is implemented by NGO Aktiv in cooperation with Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and financial support of USA Embassy in Pristina.