25. October. 2018. | 11:39

Conference: Potential Partition Scenario analysis presentation and debate

On the 24th of October, 2018, NGO AKTIV invited members of Kosovo civil society and the international community to the Civic Energy Center in North Mitrovica. 


The purpose of the event was to present the publication “Scenario: Territorial Exchange between Serbia and Kosovo and its potential impact on Serbian communities”.


The event was hosted by NGO AKTIV’s Program Director Miodrag Marinković, who gave an elaborate overview on the possible implications that a potential territorial exchange between Serbia and Kosovo could have for the Kosovo Serb Community as discussed by the scenario paper. The invited panelists to discuss the scenario of a territorial exchange included Caleb Waugh, Head of NGO AKTIV’s practical policy section, Belul Beqaj, political analyst and professor of political science, and Goran Avramović, Editor-in-Chief at Radio KiM in Gračanica. The event was moderated by a journalist from Radio Kontakt Plus, Željko Tvrdišić.

The purpose of the publication conference was to provide a platform from which the current political discussion around a potential exchange of territory could be analyzed from different perspectives. Central issues raised around this political discussion included the lack of concrete nature about potential partition, the uncertain future of the rights of non-majority communities in case of a partition of Kosovo as well as the economic and institutional consequences of partition . The panelists explicitly discussed to what extent Kosovo would be able and willing to preserve the constitutionally-enshrined multi-ethnic character of Kosovo when and if a partition occurs. The negative implications of a partition outlined in the scenario paper were underlined by the central rationale that an exchange of territory could lead to drastic changes in Kosovo and it’s ethnic makeup. The issue of partition was also evaluated in the light of the overall Brussels Agreement/Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, with some of the panelists arguing that the dialogue on territorial exchange / partition runs contradictory to the very nature of the agreements made in Brussels.

Make sure to read the potential scenario publication in full! The publication is available at http://www.ngoaktiv.org/publication/partition-scenario-1 in the Serbian, Albanian and English language.