30. June. 2017. | 10:35 | Andrijana Popović

Book promotion ,,My Everest-Dream and Reality'', Dragana Rajblović

On Wednesday, June 21, the promotion of the book, "My Everest - Dream and java" by Dragana Rajblović, was held at Aktiv Art Center.

Dragana Rajblović is the first women from the Balkans and for now the only woman in the region, who climbed to the highest peak of the world - Mount Everest (8850 m), in the Himalayas. Nine years after the ascent of 2007, notes about this endeavor were adapted into a book ‘My Everest - dream and reality’, released in April this year. This is a book about personal experience, but personal experience of a woman as well. Together with the male members of the team, she spent many days at base camp in far-away Tibet, waiting for the favorable moment to climb Everest. Beside Everest, the book also describes the hike on Cho Oyu (8200 m), the sixth highest summit of the world and many mountains which came prior to the climb to the roof of the world, in preparation period. As a participant of several expeditions, she went throughout various parts of the world, this is a book and travelogue, which expresses her impressions of different people she met - Sherpas, Tibetans and their history. Moreover, this is a mountain guide, with additional text at the end about acclimatization and adaptation of the body to conditions at high altitudes. This book provides motivation and encouragement to current and future generations, that everything is possible, including the realization of their dreams.

When it comes to some special preparation before the trek, Dragana stressed that good preparation and organization are of importance, because at these altitudes there is no place for mistakes. She revealed that such climbing feats are realized only if they are guided by both heart and mind.

Rajblovic is one of only a hundred women in the world who have conquered the world's highest peak. When she climbed the Mont Everest, there were 17 countries in the world, with women conquerors of the peak.

She pointed out that the ascent of Mont Everest is an extremely difficult and strenuous challenge. There were moments when I thought to throw a backpack and give up everything. Nevertheless, I thought at those critical moments, why should I give up those ten hours that I will remember for a lifetime - says Rajblovic. At altitudes of over 8,000 meters, there is only 30 percent of oxygen, and it’s hard to breathe. The most difficult experience, however, was the encounter with those who stayed forever in the Himalayas, reviving Rajblovic's moments from the ascent. She shared the stories with the audience about the mountaineers, they had encountered during the ascent.

She recalls a time when they were passing them, and they seemed as they were sleeping, frozen. ,,As they told me before the voyage, i knew that I would see them, and I thought it would affect me. However, I got used to these scenes.  A few meters from us a guy died because he got a brain edema; he remained there forever, but if he gave up on time, he could survive. There are no rescue teams in the Himalayas, so everyone should listen to their body –advises Serbian alpinist.

Dragana Rajblović tried to evoke the night of the ascent for the audience. They started the ascent at 11 in the evening and finally reached the summit the next day at half past 10 am. After all-night climb at a temperature of -40, the team was happy because they finally reached their goal.

At book promotion the audience also had the opportunity to see a film about the expedition "Everest 2007", which thrilled the audience. Film screening was followed by comments and questions from the audience, which was enthusiastic about Dragana and her story.

Asked whether she thought at some point to gave up, Dragana explained that she did not want to do it even during the heaviest moments. As she stated, in such moments, it is necessary to listen to your body,and to bold yourself.

In order to motivate young people who want to deal with this, and to encourage them, Dragana said that the most important thing is to do what you love, and if you really love it, it will be realized.

At the very end, Dragana stressed out that the book ,,My everest- Dream and Reality’’ represents her story about the summit, her personal experience, and that her main goal was to achieve her dream, what she did.

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