28. November. 2013. | 12:42

Aktiv launches the report: An Inquiry into the economic situation of the north of Kosovo business

The study conducted by Aktiv in cooperation with GIZ and with the support of British Embassy over the course of 6 months, offers a number of insights into the economic situation of North Kosovo companies as well as into the economic structure of the four municipalities.

The study is launched at the conference held on 27th of November 2013 in presence of many central and international level stakeholders. The report is available in the electronic version at: link. Aktiv wants to express our gratitude for the great support and contribution of many actors and stakeholders during the generation of the study.

This extends especially to companies and company owners for taking their precious time for the interviews, the group of consultants and students that implemented the survey and officials from municipalities and stakeholders that supported the focus group discussions.

The thanks especially extend to the British Embassy in Prishtina and the German International Development Cooperation, GIZ for supporting the achievement of this milestone for the economic development of the North Kosovo region.