22. November. 2019. | 03:04

Accountability Sofa in the Municipality of Parteš/Parteshi

As part of the project "Active Citizens", implemented by the Non-governmental organization Aktiv from North Mitrovica, with the support of the Olof Palme Center, a "sofa of responsibility" was held in Parteš/Parteshi on 13th of November. Accountability sofa is an Aktiv's brand and concept whose essence is to bring together interested citizens and representatives of local self-government in one place, in an informal atmosphere, in order to hold a constructive debate on various topics of importance to the local population.

During the meeting with the representatives of the municipality of Partesh, the citizens of Parteš/Parteshi took the opportunity to point out certain problems they face in their daily lives. First of all, citizens were interested in asking questions of local self-government representatives about how much and how a municipality could react and help, as citizens had some concerns about the competence of the municipality itself.

This is significant because most of the problems that affects citizens of this municipality comes from a sphere of socio-political life on which municipality has little or no influence at all. First of all, the citizens mentioned and pointed to the high unemployment rate of citizens, especially young people.

This problem is a direct cause of the other alarming problem of the municipality of Parteš/Parteshi, and it is a continuous depopulation, especially of young people leaving Partesh and Kosovo and looking for jobs not only in Serbia but many of them emigrate directly to Western European countries.

Also, the citizens of Parteš/Parteshi municipality pointed out some positive tendencies in Parteš/Parteshi municipality, such as the trend of improving the quality of services that local self-government provides to citizens, in the field of utilities and health care. Citizens pointed out that progress was also visible in the field of capital investments, in particular the construction and reconstruction of road infrastructure.