18. November. 2019. | 09:51

Accountability Sofa in the Municipality of Gračanica/Graçanicë

As part of the project Active Citizens, implemented by the non-governmental organization Aktiv, based in North Mitrovica with the support of the Olof Palme Center, a responsibility sofa was held, in the town of Gračanica, on Tuesday November 12th, 2019.

Responsibility sofa is Aktiv’s brand and concept which intention is to bring together interested citizens and representatives of local self-government into one place, in an informal atmosphere, in order to hold constructive debates on various topics of importance related to the local population.

The Deputy Mayor of Gračanica municipality attended the responsibility sofa and discussed, with the citizens, the local projects and investments implemented so far, as well as plans for the next period. At the beginning of the talks, it was pointed out that, at the moment, all capacities of the municipality of Gračanica are directed towards solving the severe pollution problem surrounding Gračanka River, and therefore the assistance and support from the competent central institutions and international missions and organizations in Kosovo is requested. In a constructive debate the citizens present shared their opinions and concrete proposals with the municipal representatives regarding the resolution of this ensuing issue.

The representative of the local self-government (deputy mayor) presented to the citizens, capital investments and projects implemented so far, with special emphasis on strengthening the capacities and quality of work of the employees in the municipality, aimed at increasing transparency and accountability. The deputy referred in particular to the plans of Gračanica municipality in investing significant financial grants for the Clinical Hospital Center in the upcoming period, with the aim to improve the quality of services and expanding its capacities. Among other topics discussed, the priority of the municipality's engagement will be the reconstruction of the water supply infrastructure.

The citizens present had the opportunity to directly ask the deputy mayor about infrastructure projects and financial assistance to local youth initiatives. At the end of the sofa the deputy mayor of the municipality of Gračanica emphasized to the citizens present that they can make their requests by visiting the municipality (municipal premises) and/or by contacting the municipal authorities through their official website.