5. March. 2019. | 09:03

A new season of Sporazoom began with the interview with Veton Suroi

The new season of the "Sporazoom" series began with a show guesting one of the most famous contemporary Kosovo intellectuals, Veton Suroi.

We discussed possible scenarios in order for a comprehensive agreement between Pristina and Belgrade to be reached this year, as well as the North of Kosovo and the process of Serbs` integration into Kosovo society: the facts, the rhetoric, and the neuralgic points and ways of solving them (Trepca, Gazivode, etc.).

Sporazoom, this Wednesday, on March 6th, from 9pm on the channels of the Independent TV Network (RTV Mir, RTV Puls, TV Most, RTV Herc), RTV Kim and RTV Mitrovica.

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