19. April. 2021. | 11:17

“STRONGER TOGETHER BUT RIVALS FOREVER” (Forum theatre performance)

21.04.2021 18:00 Civic Energy Center, Mitrovica Finished

As a continuation of the forum theatre program training, Artpolis and AKTIV are organizing the theatre performance with the inclusiveness of the participants of this training. 

Unaware that seemingly irritating people they are sitting next to in the passenger airplane traveling to Bahamas will become their only company in the cruel game of life and death, Albanian Candy maker, Croatian Philosopher, Serbian doctor of Biology and Serbian spoiled starlet who is on the way of filming a music video are sitting comfortably in their seats but in their minds they are already bathing in the azure blue waters of the Bahamas unsuspecting the twist of fate life has prepared for them!

Performers: Lidija Nikolić, Emilija Popović, Uroš Cvetković, Miloš Trifunović, Momčilo Jovanović.

Director: Filip Pajić

This activity is supported by Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR KS), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the European Union in Kosovo through the project “Transforming conflicting perceptions through increased civic and community engagement in Kosovo” implemented by Artpolis and NGO AKTIV as members of the Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation (KCR).

NOTE: All activities will be carried out in accordance with the recommendations for preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. In case of aggravation of the situation related to the Covid-19 virus pandemic activity will be organized in a different format according to the situation.

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