13. January. 2019. | 4:44

Round table discussion : Criminal Procedure Code - announced changes regarding the trial in absentia

17.01.2019 10:00 Centar građanske energije Finished

The Kosovo Assembly is currently deliberating whether to amend and supplement Kosovo’s Criminal Procedure Code as to include the legal possibility to try individuals accused of war crimes in absentia. 

Questions that will be addressed during the roundtable discussion will include: What amendments  to the Criminal Procedure Code are related to trial in absentia proposed by this draft? If applied would trial in absentia violate principles of fair trial? Is the Serbian community's fear that it can lead to a rise in baseless accusations against Serbs justified and what would be the influence of trials in absentia for war crimes have on transitional justice?

The round table discussion will be held on Thursday, 17th of January, starting at 10:00AM at the premises of Civic Energy Center



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