12. May. 2022. | 9:58


16.05.2022 11:00 Civic Energy Center, NGO Aktiv, Mitrovica Finished

Dear Madam/Sir, NGO Aktiv has the pleasure of inviting you to the promotion of the website “Serbian-Albanian Friendship” (https://srb-al.emins.org/), that will take place on Monday, May 16, at 11:00, in the Civic Energy Center in Mitrovica (Kralja Petra I, 183a).

The event will include the opening presentation by Aleksandar Pavlović and Filip Lukić, the website’s authors, and a discussion on the topic Joint life of Serbs and Albanians seen by local activists and observers. The speakers include: Miodrag Milićević, Direktor of NGO Aktiv; Nora Ahmetaj, founder and Director of the Centre for REsearch, Documentation and Publication; and Bekim Blakaj, Executive Director of the Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo.

The website is a part of the project Advancing Serbian-Albanian Friendship, implemented by NGO Aktiv, in partnership with the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory from Belgrade and European Movement in Serbia, with support by the Swiss Embassy in Prishtina. The website “Serbian-Albanian Friendship” hosts a rich, open-access internet database that provides textual, visual and documentary knowledge on Serbian-Albanian relations, and contains material in Serbian, Albanian and English, containing:

• Around 50 books about Serbian-Albanian relations, particularly those that have an affirmative or reconciliatory character;

• Several hundred individual articles written by some 50 authors from all fields and aspects of Serbian-Albanian relations;

 • Video database containing the interviews with some 15 prominent Serbian and Albanian intellectuals and local activists, who offered their views on the topics regarding the possibilities of historical reconciliation, friendship and improving cooperation between Serbs and Albanians;

 • A voluminous material of some 500 news and media entries covering the topic of Serbian-Albanian dialogue, publicized in Serbian and English in the last 5 years;

• Various archival material, like well-known documentaries and/or plays or movies, public figures living in both sides, links to important joint projects and CSOs and the like.

This website, therefore, offers many examples of friendship, cooperation, joint research, interviews, educative material on Serbian-Albanian relations, documents and articles of common interest and other related material that we purport to popularize and make widely accessible.


Miodrag Milićević, Direktor of NGO Aktiv

Aleksandar Pavlović, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade

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