25. May. 2022. | 11:54

Peer-to-Peer Cultural Events: Screening of the Movie NO MAN'S LAND

30.05.2022 19:00 Civic Energy Center, North Mitrovica Finished

NGO AKTIV and Kosovo Coalition for Reconciliation have the pleasure of inviting you to a screening of the Oscar-winning movie from Bosnia and Herzegovina: NO MAN'S LAND.


The movie is set in the war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993, where a Serb and a Croat find themselves trapped in the same trench. Shot in 2001, this humoresque parable brilliantly shows the preposterousness of the armed conflicts among common people.

Anyone who sticks his head up gets shot. And when will that land mine explode? The setup seems artificial until you reflect that things like this probably do happen in the confusion of war and inspire you to think about the peaceful ways out.


19:00 Introductory remarks

19:15 Movie screening

20:45 Discussion




This activity is financially supported by the European Union.

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