13. January. 2021. | 12:56

MSC debate - Freedom, Democracy, (Un)Justice: Three years since the murder of Oliver Ivanović

15.01.2021 15:00 Online event Finished

Three years since the murder of Oliver Ivanović, and perpetrators and those who ordered the crime have not been brought to justice. Why is it so? Do we trust the justice system investigating the murder of Ivanović? Is it and how dangerous it is to engage in politics nowdays? What are the consequences of the murder of Oliver Ivanović for the societies in northern Kosovo, Kosovo and Serbia?

These topics will be discussed at the online debate of the Mitrovica Social Club “Freedom, Democracy, (Un)Justice: three years since the murder of Oliver Ivanović“, organized by the NGO Aktiv, with the following panelists:  

  • Milivoje Mihajlović, a journalist and former Executive of Radio Belgrade
  • Aleksandar Ivanović, a lawyer and nephhew of Oliver Ivanović

Moderator: Ljubica Gojgić

The debate is scheduled for Friday, January 15 at 15:00.

You will be able to follow the event via the Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81015483683

In addition to the panelists’ views, the audience will have an opportunity to ask questions and share their opinions regarding the topic.

The dicussion will be conducted in Serbian language. Translation into Albanian and English will be provided.

Kind regards,

NGO Aktiv

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