14. March. 2019. | 4:17

Forum Future conference

18.03.2019 13:00 Aktiv Finished

NGO Aktiv from North Mitrovica has a pleasure to invite you for the Forum Future conference which will deal with the future of relations among Serbs and Albanians.

The conference will take place on 18th of March, starting at 13:00 within the premises of Civic Energy Center in North Mitrovica. Guest speakers will be:

  • Stefan Surlić, assistant at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade
  • Adem Beha, lecturer at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Prishtina
  • Sanja Sovrlić, journalist, editor of the platform Crno-beli svet
  • Teuta Hoxha,

The topic of the conference will rely upon the current relations among Serbs and Albanians, maneuvering space for their potential improvement, whether there are and who are new leaders, and whether the idea of delineation/correction of borders in Kosovo is bringing together two communities or making an even greater gap between them.

Translation into Serbian, Albanian and English will be provided.

With regards,

NGO Aktiv

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