16. mars. 2019. | 09:06

MSC English edition

On Thursday, the 14th of March 2019, NGO AKTIV held a public discussion on the potential influence of internal political developments in the United States on its policies towards Kosovo. The talk was moderated by Igor Marković, Researcher at NGO AKTIV and the panel was comprised of Caleb Waugh, Head of AKTIV’s Policy Department and Lekë Batalli, a lawyer and researcher with the Group for Legal and Political Studies. 

The topics covered included the Trump administration's stances towards the dialogue process and territorial partition, the victory of the Democratic Party during the midterm elections in November of 2018 and shifts in public opinion and attitudes regarding America’s role in the world. The event was attended by around twenty (20) members of the general public and was the first in a series of discussions that will take place as part of the project "Critical Thinking and Global Affairs", which is supported financially by the Embassy of the United States in Pristina.